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-Dring dring, there the door bell goes. Reinko opens the door and it is Arty! Hey come on in Reinko says. 

Arty: Shit man, all these years you let me dry out in the beautiful Afhganistan landscape and now I must come here to eat cookies?

-Reinko: Oh, you got the message wrong: In this country it is illegal to send so called cookies along with your website. 

But I cannot control the cookies my dear Arty, that problem is around for many years: 
Visitors get a cookie, but it is not done by  me... .

Arty (looking difficult): So what do we need to do?

-Reinko: We must eat the cookies before they eat us..

 Arty (smiling): Ok ok, I have to go back to my home country, so bye bye 




(15 April 2014) I had some computer trouble so this update is over 24 hours late...
Two items:   

Item 1) A short Ukraine update.
Item 2) What about future math publications?

  Item 1) A short Ukraine update.

In the east of the Ukraine more and more government buildings are seized by Russian speaking armed provocateurs. For some wide spectrum of reasons these people prefer to belong to the Russian federation and no longer be part of the Ukraine. 

Hard to say if that is wise but originally when I said that after about one hundred of deaths the Russians could come in and try to restore peace, this kind of provocative behavior was not what I had in mind. 

After all, if you are going armed and seize government buildings, you are seeking confrontation. 

Therefore it is reasonable for me, as founder of the War Tribunal, to raise the number of deaths needed to allow for an invasion to let's say in the range of 150 to 200 death. 


I would like to close with two remarks: 

Remark 1) Could it be that these pro Russian gunmen are a little bit over enthusiastic because there are still relative large Russian military forces concentrated at the borders close by? 

Remark 2) In the western world everybody is doing difficult about the Crimea thing, but I do not have an opinion on that because it is a political thing and not a military thing. Of course political things and military things are always entangled, but from the War Tribunal I can only comment on the military part of it all.

 Item 2) What about future math publications?

For myself speaking I am highly disappointed in the behavior of the academia and universities when it comes to higher dimensional complex numbers. 
For over 26 months I have been trying to draw attention to that subject, but if in 26 months nobody makes a move or makes a sound it is not hard to understand that after 260 or 2600 months it will still be the same. 

Ok ok, there are those boundary effects: For example professors in math are members of the establishment and as such very good in risk avoiding. And as such those folks will never be able to create the higher complex numbers for themselves; that would go against the mantra that complex numbers are only in the complex plane and that would endanger their career. 

When back in 1990 I found those higher dimensional complex numbers, all math professors here in the University of Groningen were just too fucking stupid to grasp what was found. So with great enthusiasm I left those weirdo's behind. 

But a new total ban of another 20 years of waiting goes too far I think, a reasonable thing to do would be to withhold about 80% to 90% of all new results found. 

After all, if these university assholes are truly that smart, they can easily find the stuff that matters themselves...  



Let's poke a bit of fun against the University of Groningen: 

Everybody knows that if a commercial brand or trademark makes a lot of advertisements and has large marketing budgets, one way or the other it has to be an inferior product. The standard example is Coca Cola; the products they make are 100% crap but it stays an industry because of marketing and advertisement.  

Now the University of Groningen has for many years the next slogan: 

Working on the borders of knowledge. 

The naive person might think that the local university is trying to expand those borders into new realms of knowledge. But I have found out over the decades that 'working on the borders' only means applying border guards that try to prevent all persons into going into the unknown. 

Or am I to dark when putting it that way?

I don't know, after all all other universities still don't understand the higher dimensional stuff too. And that is weird. 

Let's leave it with that, till updates. 


(08 April 2014) In physics there is a famous but very weird experiment known as the Stern Gerlach experiment; in short it goes as next:   

Through a non-homogenous magnetic field one sends a beam of electrons; the beam splits up in two and people from the science of physics say the one beam has spin up and the other spin down. 

I do not know if that is true and that is where this update is about: 

Item 1) The Stern Gerlach experiment and the magnetic monopoles.

 Item 1) The Stern Gerlach experiment and the magnetic monopoles.

It is important to emphasize that when it comes to physics, at best I am an advanced amateur. But since I am the creator of the higher dimensional complex numbers I can break an egg or two. So let's go: 

Here is a picture of how the Stern Gerlach experiment could be done
(the tip ensures the magnetic field is stronger above):  


From high school physics we know that you cannot split a standard magnet into a North and a separate South pole, we also know that there is a deep connection between the magnetic and electrical fields; in particular we know that if we make a magnetic field with electricity there always is a North & South pole.

All spinning charges create North & South pole stuff. 

And now we are told that an electron is a spinning thing, but a spinning electrical charge always has a North & South pole. 

Furthermore we know that the mass of an electron is very very small, so if it is true that the electron is a spinning electrical charge, if it enters the non-homogenous magnetic field it should always turn so that it gets attracted by the tip. 

The beam of electrons should only go up into the direction of the stronger magnetic density... 

Yet half of the electrons are in fact pushed away, how come this? 


The most easy explanation is that electrons are magnetic monopoles, given their small mass the monopole thing explains why they are going up and down. 

And once you accept that they are magnetic monopoles, you understand why a pair of coupled electrons do not feel like they have anything to do with other pairs of electrons. 

Indeed, in the science of chemistry, no matter how difficult or large a molecule is, all connections in the molecule are only done by pairs of electrons...
If electrons would be bipolar magnets because of their spin, these molecules would behave very differently. 


But there is more, in quantum mechanics there always is more.
A second magnetic field perpendicular would do stuff like this: 


This simply means that electrons are not pure magnetic monopoles, it is just a quantum state they are in.  

I made the pictures from a Youtubber about the Stern Gerlach experiment, here is
the source file: 

Stern Gerlach experiment 


If my ideas about electrons being magnetic monopoles is indeed true (and only two days ago I found that idea), would it be possible to make real macroscopic monopole magnets?  

With posting the next link to another Youtubber I take a bit gamble because this video could easily be a hoax (figure out for yourself how you could hoax stuff like this with magnets). But it looks sincere and, ha ha ha, you could repeat it at most universities... 

How to make a monopole magnet  

I have to remark that I do not have a clue about how far you must cool down the coin shaped magnets to get the desired effect of having magnetic monopole electrons separate thus far. But if this video is not a hoax, it would be a validation of the monopole idea.


Ok, that's it for today. Till updates.  


(05 April 2014) What do I and the USA have in common?   

Item 1) Every now and then we fall prey to false hope. 

 Item 1) Every now and then we fall prey to false hope. 

The USA people always seem to think that it is possible there would be peace between the Jews and the Palestinians. For a large part this is rooted in religion and those fuzzy religious feelings neglect historical stuff like the holocaust.
Or not realizing that the Israelis do not want to give up their overweight when it comes to military and economical power and most of all:
They will never stop expanding the settlements.  

Of course I almost never commented on the 'peace talks', why would I feel the need to irritate myself at some parasitic Jews? No way... 

But finally, probably for a short time, John Kerry is starting to realize that was is obvious to other people: Without sanctions against Israel this all is a hopeless exercise in getting irritated: 

John Kerry warns US loosing patience on Mideast peace talks (Boston Globe) 


Now what is the fault that I make every now and then? 

Every few years I try to incorporate pictures in mathematical texts, for decades this never works on my computer but in theory it is so simple:  

All you have to do is to install a few packages and after that, in theory, you have math text combined with pictures... 

Yesterday I wasted once more 4 hours and today another 2 hours and it just does not work; like all those years ago it also never worked. 

Now why is that dumb and naive? 

That is dumb and naive because even if I would be able to write a standard publication (included some graphics) of course you have to take the hurdle of so called 'peer review'. Of course the 'peer reviewer' will be done within 5 minutes: Article rejected. 

So I wonder as why I even tried once more to incorporate pictures... 

Why am I that naive and dumb? 

Till updates. 


(02 April 2014) Musings on Quantum Computing?  

Or some writing on the Ukraine equation or the mopping up off of chemical fun in the Syrian landscape?  

I don't know what to do: Attack the idea of Quantum Computing versus Syrian chemical stuff versus the Ukraine equation. 

So let's do something else; make an advertisement for those new Solid State Disks after having said the next on the Ukraine:  

Let's wait another week but if by then there is no violence in the Ukraine it could be safe to withdraw the military forces at the Ukraine/Crimean border.
For the time being I am still looking with a bit of bewilderment at all those NATO comments/remarks etc etc, but since stuff still runs on about zero deaths a day I arrive at the conclusion the Russian military did a great job.

Ok, for the NATO assholes: Why not look at Iraq and why not drink the fruits of your own military thingelings? 
Let's leave it with that... 

 Item 1) Reinko also advertises those new Solid State Disks for your computer!

 Item 1) Reinko also advertises those new Solid State Disks for your computer!

Geek man today I did buy one of those SSD things and although my own computer is a little bit old, it is amazing to observe how much it speeds things up. 

If you are just like me and you prefer to build your own computers from the loose parts that are available it is worthwhile considering replacing a few of your hard drives with these new Solid State Disks. 

Who needs a Quantum Computer (that won't work anyway) if you can replace old Hard Drives that run with a needle for SSD fun? 

For only 80 € your computer acts like she is five years younger, so you don't have to replace all the other stuff. 


Ok ok, what Quantum Computing concerns: 

For days and days I try to prove that 

Quantum Entanglement = Quantum Measurement 

so that inherently Quantum Computers will never work.
But the math is hard, those quantum folks only use 2-dimensional complex numbers so the math is hard. 

Till updates. 


(24 March 2014) These days there is a so called Nuclear Security Summit meeting in my country so it would be tempting to explain once more the nuclear attack scare from Pakistan from October 2001. 

But hey, I tried for a full decade to create interest by so called 'authorities' for the so called 'trigger hypothesis' related to the 9/11 attacks in NYC.
And after 10 years of trying I arrived at the  conclusion that for our political leaders and the diverse secret services, it is more important to get more budget and more legislation to spy on your population and more this and more that.  

It's a circus, these people have nothing to do with fighting terror... 

So instead of old nuke scares from the Pak landscape we are going to destroy all hopes there still might be on nuclear fusion as a source of unlimited energy.
Here we go: 

Item 1) Let's destroy hope! 

 Item 1) Let's destroy hope!

For decades there is talk about nuclear fusion as a potential source of unlimited energy. Skilled scientists ask for billions and billions of money so they can hunt that dream down and deliver unlimited energy for countless billions of future people. 

It is all nonsense, these scientists are just parasites like for example our beloved bankers that also believed in fairy tales and were not capable of understanding their own job...  

I wrote a 'popular science' pdf about the difficulties there are with nuclear fusion, you can say that the conclusion is more or less that Fukoshima in Japan is far more safe compared to what a large nuclear fusion plant would be. 

Click on the picture for the pdf file: 


Yeah yeah, the tunneling effect; a quantum thingeling that surely works perfectly contrary to so called 'quantum computers'. 

May be in some future update I will destroy all hope there is for that stupid quantum computing that is once more the same: give us money and we will talk difficult and produce nothing! 

Further reading (this wiki leaves out the tunneling insight), click on the picture: 


Let's leave it with that, till updates. 


 (20 March 2014) For me it is funny, but the behavior of NATO and professional math professors bear great similarities: they both think neglecting important details will help their survival.    

Item 1) Has NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen gone crazy? 

 Item 1) Has NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen gone crazy? 

Some time ago on just one day about 77 people died in the Kiev killings, since then we have gone abruptly to 0 death toll a day. 
Why does not one NATO member bring this into the analysis?

Why do I only get shit like the next from Rasmussen, NY Times  source, quote :  

The NATO secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, said on Wednesday that Russia’s military intervention was the “gravest threat” to European security since the end of the Cold War.

“This is a wake-up call, for the Euro-Atlantic community, for NATO and for all those committed to a Europe whole, free and at peace,” Mr. Rasmussen said in a speech at the Brookings Institution on Wednesday afternoon.

Comment: This stuff is so stupid that I refuse to comment on it, all I can say to that crazy person named Rasmussen is to scroll down at below where at some point in time I ask the Russians to do their so called 'stinking best' to avoid civil war in the Ukraine... 

Anders Rasmussen, you are some piece of dumb shit... 

Let's leave it with that. 


(16 March 2014) Today is the referendum vote inside the Cremean landscape, because everyone says it is a race already won let's wait and see...  

It would be nice to comment on the diverse henhouses, oh sorry, the diverse parliaments around the world where they speak words of utter stupidity, oh sorry, utter wisdom. 

But we are not going to do that all, instead just a few words directed towards the Russian military. Here we go: 

Item 1) A few words for the Russian military.

 Item 1) A few words for the Russian military.

After my humble opinion both you and me are set on a course that prevents hundreds of thousands of deaths in case the situation escalates beyond control.
Given the present emotions, this implies operations outside Crimea inside the Ukrainian landscape are only allowed when certain boundary conditions are fullfilled. 

A reasonable boundary condition would be if in a short timespan over 100 people die from internal violence. 

Yesterday it emerged that already a small scale operation was done inside the Ukraine and guess what it was done for? 

It was for protecting some fucking gas station... 

Have you gone nuts or so? Please cut the crap my dear Russian forces, use the brain and not all that emotion. 


Emotion is pumped up skillfully, of course always that is the case before large military adventures, but I expect the higher echelons of the Russian military forces to stand above all that monkey screaming like I observe on platforms like 'the Voice of Russia'. 

The Voice of Russia? 

Isn't that the latest official Russian state media outlet?
Yes it is, but the VoR is also a collection of war mongerers talking stupid crap and embracing lunatics like the USA guy Alex Jones.

Alex Jones is famous for unleashing at least 10 completely unfounded conspiracies a day, so why is the Voice of Russia siding with a retard like that? 

I do not know, but it is my responsibility to warn the Russian military against all that nonsense that goes around in the media. 


Don't believe me that Alex Jones has a voice inside the mindset of the Voice of Russia?  

Human-animal hybrids, disasters in the making

Just scroll down the above mentioned link and find the miracle of Alex Jones: 


If the Russian military gets too emotional, a disaster will be there. 

Is the Voice of Russia helping preventing this disaster or are they already the disaster themselves? 

Let's wait and see, till updates.  


 (09 March 2014) It is lovely that we have all this emotion in the air when it comes to the Ukraine and the Crimean landscapes, the most important details is and stays:
At one day we had 77 deaths in Kiev, after that about zero death toll a day...   

So the main stuff still goes well, therefore in the next item a small detail named Viktor Yanukovich and his future fate: 

Item 1) The fate of Viktor Yanukovich.

 Item 1) The fate of Viktor Yanukovich.

The lack of escalating violence in the Ukraine has a lot of roots but the two most important of these roots are as next: 

Root 1) The ouster of Viktor Yanukovich. 
Root 2) Perfect sable rattling, but no killings, by the Russian forces.

With a bit of bewilderment I am looking at the Russian fm Lavrov who still views Viktor as the legitimate Ukraine prez, I even observe stuff to the defense of Viktor like 'He did not order the shootings and killings in Kiev'. 

Now that is a very interesting opinion, so we weigh two things against one another: 

1) Viktor Y did order for the killings done by the riot police, versus
2) Viktor Y did not order for the killings done by the riot police. 

In both ways it is a disaster and it simply cannot be allowed to view Viktor Y as the legitimate prez of the Ukrainian landscape.

Now the Russians constantly say that it was a coup done by fascists that drove away a hero named Viktor Yanukovich. That is nonsense of course, just like talk that the Syrian rebels did it.

My dear Lavrov, basically it is extremely simple:
With the ouster of Viktor Y a Syrian style civil war has been prevented, so that means a few hundred of thousand less deaths.
If you my dear Lavrov think otherwise, why don't you give it a try and keep on pushing Viktor Y as the true and only president that can unite the Ukraine and prevent a split up of the Ukraine...


After the Viktor detail I would like to speak a few words to the Russian military forces: 

Remark that we are in a wonderful situation: Zero deaths day in day out. 

Don't spoil it and also have a little bit of respect for those Ukrainian forces still inside Crimea. If they get humiliated for no reason at all, in the future you will pay a hefty price for that.  

Don't spoil it my dear Russian forces, but with a little smile on my face I also give you a compliment for managing the situation until now... 


That's it for today, till updates my dear reader. 


From just before midnight (so Mr. Putin is sound asleep right now) we need a good laugh because all those statements from Putin & Lavrov are just so funny: 


Ok, it is 23.30 local time & let's hit the button 'publish website' & see ya around.
Till updates. 


(07 March 2014) Once more it is very tempting to write about the Ukraine, Crimea and so on, but also once more the source to a happy life lies in resisting temptation.    

So we will look instead at the way governments lie to their civilians about how large the economy is, in particular the statistic that measures the total amount of goods & services named Gross Domestic Product. 

 Item 1) If it is R&D your economy suddenly grows faster they say.

 Item 1) If it is R&D your economy suddenly grows faster they say.

A few years back I observed that the US Gross Domestic Product could easily be overstated by about one trillion US$ or so.
And although I had no way of finding out if my gut feeling was true, since then I always took the reported GDP rates with a grain of salt. 

(See the red words in the right column where I do not understand how the USA managed once more to jack up the GDP.) 

Yesterday it emerged that for the year 2010 our own Dutch economical output was revised upwards by a hefty 7.6% completely dwarfing what the USA could pump up... 

So after all these years, why not muse a bit about the statistical side of the GDP. 


Now as a standard citizen you want your government to be a truthful reporter about the state and size of the economy. On the other side, the government statistical employees operate within so called boundary conditions because we would like to compare the GDP statistics for the diverse countries. 

So the local government, like our own Dutch government, has more or less to oblige towards those statistical standards in order to avoid to become the North-Korea of statistics... 

To my surprise all expenses on Research & Development are valued much higher (because they generate 'future income') compared to, lets say, expenses on beer and whores.  

For me, as a citizen, this is not acceptable: You just cannot activate future income inside present GDP because it falls under the label of Research & Development.
That is just another accountancy gimmick: future income is not present day stuff. 


Now I solved the problem of 'Why is the USA GDP always so high decade in decade out' I only have one link to offer to you and it is in the Dutch language.
On page 11 it says, quote:

Tot dusverre werden de uitgaven aan R&D in de NR beschouwd als lopende kosten en geregistreerd als intermediair verbruik van bedrijven. R&D in eigen beheer en voor eigen gebruik werd in het ESR1995 geregistreerd als productie en intermediair verbruik binnen dezelfde eenheid. Deze uitzondering op de regel dat hulpactiviteiten binnen een eenheid niet in de NR worden opgenomen, zorgde ervoor dat ook deze vorm van R&D zichtbaar was, maar geen effect had op de toegevoegde waarde. De nieuwe richtlijnen geven aan dat R&D geboekt moet worden als investering omdat deze uitgaven naar verwachting in de toekomst inkomsten genereren.


Revisie Nationale rekeningen 2010: Beschrijving en uitkomsten revisiejaar 2010

Comment: No comment. 


Till updates. 



(02 March 2014, item 2 added on 03 March) Since everybody, including a lot of NATO members, are acting very strange when it comes to the Ukraine, it is time to speak a few words.  

Item 1) What have we gained, where are we now? 
Item 2) A simple model for the proton and the neutron. 

 Item 1) What have we gained, where are we now? 

About 10 days ago on one day about 77 people were killed in Kiev, I complained heavily and within hours and not days the fate of the former Ukraine prez Viktor Yanukovich was sealed and a civil war a la Syria was prevented. 

So give the size of the Ukraine, at this point in time it looks like a few hundred of thousand people will not be killed. So that is what has been gained. 

Of course there are more ways to get civil war but anyway now this Assad clone is gone very likely it is not the Ukraine government itself that will spoil the stuff. 


A few days later I requested it that Russia would do her best to prevent civil war in her neighbor Ukraine. You could, if you wanted, read that in the updates below from 20 and 23 Feb. 

After my humble opinion what happens right now is more or less what I asked for, so why are all those NATO countries doing so difficult?

Don't forget the situation in the last days is still tremendously fragile; suppose a handful of provocateurs hijack two airplanes, one is flown into the parliament in Kiev and the other in some ammo depot somewhere in Crimea. A few days later everybody will be fighting everybody and what now is Syria will be a cakewalk compared to that. 

Therefore it is pretty obvious that security has to be beefed up until it is clear that the diverse groups inside the Ukraine will not start fighting each other; once that is clear it is safe enough to beef down the extra soldiers. 

I am not sure about the numbers of extra soldiers, right now you hear numbers like about 15 thousand Russian soldiers or so. My dear NATO; given the population size of the Ukraine, 15 thousand is peanuts. So can you cut the crap?


What the new Ukraine government concerns; I endorse them because in the first place they deserve to be in power because they paid a hefty price in blood and in the second place because they stated they will not get provoked...
Let's hope and pray everything will stay as calm as it is. 



I have to say there is a tremendous amount of distrust between the diverse parts of the Ukraine society. That is something that is beyond control for almost all of us but that is where we are standing right now. 

Don't forget that for the moment an Assad style of civil war has been prevented and it would be best if everybody would count this as a blessing. 

Item 2) A simple model for the proton and the neutron.  

After all those political and military stuff, why not pose a pure philosophical question about the existence of the ego's of precious professional math professors?  

What is the most important characteristic of such a precious ego? 

Answer: When it comes to precious professional professors it not how often does their ego fit in the universe, but how often the entire universe fits in their ego. 

Needless to say: If your ego is inflated too much, you loose contact with reality and it would be best to deflate our precious ego's a little bit. 

So that is the goal of this update: crafting a little bit of deflation... 

Click on the picture to go to the simple model: 



Let's leave it with that my dear reader, till updates. 


(27 Feb 2014) Ok ok, here are the boundary conditions:     

Item 1) Boundary conditions for military action in the Ukraine for Russia. 

 Item 1) Boundary conditions for military action in the Ukraine for Russia. 

Ok, I have done my thinking: If really needed Russia has the right to protect the Russian speaking parts of the Ukraine.
For the time being everything seems to go smoothly (only one person dead this day and he was pushed to death in a large crowd of protesters). 


If needed Russia is allowed to use more or less the blue print from the Georgian war from the year 2008. 

For people who don't know that war, it went more or less like this: 

Suddenly the whole of Western press started condemning Russia because of a brutal attack against Georgia. Well I scratched my head because I have seen so often that Western media outlets are very good at hanging out the screaming faggot. 

After may be half a day or may be a full day or more, it turned out it was the complete opposite: Georgia started the stuff and as memory serves only after about 1750 deaths the Russians started military action. 

To make a long story short: I gave some advice and as far as I could see this advice was followed up for the one 100%. 

For me this simply means: When push comes to shove, I can trust the Russians. 

So far for the flash back to 2008. 


Now back to 2014: If stuff runs out of hand in the Ukraine, for me it is very simple and the Russians are allowed to take military action in order to stabilize the chaos at their doorstep. 
This boundary condition is very simple: Only if thing run out of hand! 


Yet at the moment everything looks so smooth, it looks like most people still have a strong 'desire for peace' and that is a good thing. 

For the Ukrainians I have some advice too:
I observed a lot of Russian speaking folks that were upset by the idea that the Russian language would be illegal in the future.
That is a weird thing of course because for any government it is hard to control the language people want to speak. 

So it is not unwise to make the Russian language the second official language so that minorities that want it can craft schools and stuff that use that second official language. 

Let's leave it with that. Till updates. 


(26 Feb 2014) It is tempting to update about the political situation in the Ukraine, but resisting temptation is the source code of a happy life. So therefore today we take a look at Google, and since I have never said it, let's say it now:
Ok Google folks, may be you are Americans, but  I surely like you.  

Item 1) Virtual camera changes & a Google project named Tango. 

 Item 1) Virtual camera changes & a Google project named Tango. 

Over two decades ago I developed a very simple theory of how to differentiate and integrate all kinds of geometrical objects like circles, squares, cubes in all dimensions, ellipses etc etc.  

Even a piece of line can be differentiated; if the length of a line equals l(r) = 2r after differentiation with respect to the variable r you are left with the number  2.
That number 2 are just the two endpoints of the line... 

In 2005 I penned down a few easy to understand observations from those lines of reasoning, it is a pdf file: radiuspi.pdf.

Well over two decades ago I perfectly understood the power such ideas had when it comes to virtually changing your camera position. And, as usual, the entire academic world did not because these folks are only busy counting their quotation ranks. 

Anyway, to make a long story short, it were not the Dutch but it is USA based Google that is making some serious progress with the camera's you need in order to have such a 'virtual displacement of the camera position'. 

As I envisioned it two decades ago: 
You take a normal picture or a video clip of your environment but on top of that you must have some kind of 'radar device' that creates an extra layer that contains all the information of the distances between the camera and the objects that the camera sees. 


So I am pleased that Google have taken up this stuff; they are trying to make a phone (actually a camera, but these days everything goes as a 'smart phone') that makes a 3D mapping of your environment if you are walking around... 

May be instead of using two camera's in the smart phone, the whole thing works better with 3 camera's onboard, but ha ha ha, you must also develop good math for the distance to what you see with those 3 camera's...

Link (in Dutch from techzine): 

Google creeërt smartphone die 3D-scans ontwikkelt  

And in the language of the Angloise a Youtubber that is in 2D: 

Say hello to Project Tango 


I wish the Google geeks a lot of luck and happiness. 

Till updates. 


(23 Feb 2014) Two items:  

Item 1) A formal request from the War Tribunal towards Russia. 
Item 2) Ok I made a math blunder: it's not an exponential circle in 5D.


 Item 1) A formal request from the War Tribunal towards Russia. 

Since the Ukraine stuff goes swiftly I have a small request for the Russians:
You will do your stinking best to avoid further bloodshed in the Ukraine. 

My dear Russians, given the geographical position of the Ukraine it would be best that Ukraine would have good relations with all of it's neighbors whether they are named Russia or Europe. I am not after 'gluing Ukraine to Europe' or so, no no I am not like the Israelis that only want to steal more and more land... 

So the request is a reasonable request, let's leave it with that my dear Russians.  

 Item 2) Ok I made a math blunder: it's not an exponential circle in 5D.

Oh oh after waiting a few weeks I decided to replace five faults in the last math update. 

This was no fun to do because whit the act of changing stuff that I wrote in the past I seriously run the risk that inbred retards like our security services instantly jump to the conclusion that I do that for many years.

Butt my dear secret service folks: I never replace what I wrote in the War on Terror. 

Let the Dutch secret service folks be left with that. 


Ok, here is the 5D repaired update

Till updates.  


(20 Feb 2014,temporary update)  

A short update on the Ukraine stuff: 

An amazing lot of people see the evil hand of Vladimir Putin behind the recent trouble and killings in Ukraine. 

After my humble opinion this is not correct, for myself speaking I consider the present Ukraine president a perfect 'Assad clone' because he is making all the mistakes of Assad over again.

What Ukraine prez Viktor Yanukovich and the Syrian Assad have in common is a long array of similarities:    

-- They think they are attacked by pure evil in the form of terrorists, therefore
-- They they strike back hard, resulting in
-- Civil war for a long long time. 
-- And so on, and so on.

This behavior or mindset of Viktor & Bashar is relatively easy to explain: Both guys do not understand their own nation on the deepest of workings. And beside that they think that after a few killings everybody will worship them because they are the legitimate democratic rulers. 

I have said it so often: 

Evil does not kill a lot of people, let's say a few thousands here and there.
Stupidity kills in the millions. 

Stupidity of leadership is the worst thing you can have, so Viktor could look at Syria as the bright and shining example of that, or he could look into a mirror. 


Am I allowed to make a joke now on this day now about one 100 were killed in the Ukraine?

Of course I am allowed that because humanity is about 7 billion of people and 7 billion minus one 100 still equals 7 billion. 

The joke goes as next: 

Vladimir Putin is stating the Syrian rebels are responsible for the Ukraine stuff in order to provoke a military intervention. 


Ok, may be you do not think it is funny, but I do. 

Till updates. 


(17 Feb 2014) The leader of the land thieves (the Israeli pm Netanyahu) is sharing his eternal wisdom once more. So let's quote and comment.   

Item 1) Israeli pm says: Guys like Reinko are just Nazi's all over again.

 Item 1) Israeli pm says: Guys like Reinko are just Nazi's all over again.

From this Reuters source file we have the next quote: 

"I think it's important that the boycotters must be exposed for what they are - they're classical anti-Semites in modern garb. And I think we have to fight them," Netanyahu said in a speech to a conference of U.S. Jewish leaders.

Comment: Oh oh sleazy ball Netanyahu is speaking out once more...  It is so fucking stupid it is hard to get a handle on where to dissect this nonsense.
For myself speaking, I am not an anti Semite as long as there is another religion on this planet followed by many millions more that for me is the ultimate disgusting form of religion. 
Ok the Jews are very strange for example when it comes to food: did you know that if only your breath goes over or comes in touch with Kosher food, it is no longer Kosher for the Jews? So if only one molecule or one atom from your body touches their food, a religious Jew cannot eat that food any more...

That is how the Jews think about us, but that does not make me an anti-Semite because this small detail validates that Jews are relatively prone to apartheids thinking. 
The Kosher food thing only validates that Jews are very lunatic too. 

My dear Netanyahu, let it be no secret that I am in favor of a good bout of sanctions on the academic and economical and political level. The reason for that is very simple my dear Netanyahu: 

The Israelis, for a wide spectrum of reasons, do not want peace. 
They do not want that because, just a detail, settlements could no longer expand in a 'natural fashion'. 

Only sanctions will transfer the desire for peace, 1 + 1 = 2 my dear Netanyahu.
May I ask you once more to cut your stupid crap and please finally try to grasp as why the Jews were holocausted?  
Because after my humble opinion, you Jews still do not understand as why you were targeted in the first place. 

Let's leave it with that. Till updates.  


(06 Feb 2014) A small update in Dutch about the troublesome efficiency of the Dutch secret services.  

Item 1) Is de AIVD gewoon een binnenstebuiten gekeerde anus? 

 Item 1) Is de AIVD gewoon een binnenstebuiten gekeerde anus?

Het is wel een beetje goedkoop maar onze geachte minister Ronald  Plasterk komt weer eens prachtig naar buiten met de laatste nieuwtjes over onze AIVD/MIVD. 

Op 22 juni vorig jaar schreef ik een klein stukje over onze Ronald met de titel:
Item 1) De vreemde fantasiewereld van Ronald Plasterk.

En daar hoorde dan dit plaatje bij: 


Nou ja, nu blijkt dat we het toch echt allemaal wel zelf doen...
Het probleem van Ronald is niet zijn IQ, dat is duidelijk hoog zat. 
Het probleem van Ronald is dat hij niet begrijpt hoe geheime diensten werken op het niet-cognitieve nivo, dus op het emotionele nivo. 


Maar goed, ik wil het niet over Ronald hebben maar over dat zootje idioten dat door het leven gaat onder de naam AIVD. 

Nu denken jullie waarschijnlijk: Oh oh daar komt Reinko weer met zijn trigger hypothese omtrent de 911 attack uit het jaar onzes Heren 2001. 

Maar nee, waarom zou ik?
Ik heb dat 10 jaar lang geprobeerd en ik kan u mededelen dat niemand aan de trigger hypothese wil. Dus dat laten we lekker in het verleden liggen... 

Nee, ik wil het hebben over Cyber Blast en dan niet die saaie DDOS aanvallen maar het echte spul. 

Het zal nu ongeveer 10 jaar geleden zijn dat ik de eerste echte Cyber Blast tegen mijn eigen lieve computer had:
Binnen 1 a 2 seconden alle harde schijven gewist exact 5 directory layers diep. 

De directory structuur (mappen structuur) was nog intact, maar alle directories waren leeg precies 5 lagen diep. Vanaf laag 6 en dieper was alles netjes intact.
(Daarom bestaan de alleroudste files in deze website nog want deze website was niet gewist... Die stond 6 of 7 lagen diep.)

Over de loop der jaren heb ik deze Cyber Blasts vaak genoeg beschreven. 

Om te bewijzen dat onze AIVD niets anders is dan een binnenstebuiten gekeerde anus is wil ik graag een paar vragen aan onze veiligheidsanus stellen: 

1) Waarom doet de AIVD nul komma niets aan het veiliger maken van onze computer infra structuur? 

2) Wilt u ook melk en suiker in de koffie? 


Laten we het daarbij houden, tot opdatums. Till updates.  


(04 Feb 2014, temporary update)     

Item 1) Trouble in paradise. 

 Item 1) Trouble in paradise. 

Trouble nr 01: Oops, what I classified as 'exponential circles' in five dimensional space the last update might not be circles at all. 
They do not pass the test of 'opposite point' calculations so it is highly likely these are more complex structures than just circles. 
So may be I have to replace the words 'exponential circle' for 'exponential curve' but that would be like anti-dating your updates and I do not like that... 

Trouble nr 02: Ha, who thought I would side with the USA, but it is a fact of life that the cleansing of chemical weapons in Syria goes far to slow. Ok the original timetable was very enthusiastic and from the start it was clear the timetable goals would not be met, but the present stuff looks like the 'opposite point' so if Assad does nothing to speed things up he has to go the Gadaffi way...  

Trouble nr 03: For some strange reason there is a lot of Media attention to some third degree Hollywood actor named Seymour Hoffman that supposedly died of a heroin overdose. I have to say I never ever viewed one of his movies, but in my world that goes for almost all the crap Hollywood produces.
Anyway the things that do not add up are very simple: Police say they found about 50 bags of supposedly heroin related stuff in his home while at the same time we are told the Hoffman guy had an overdose.
That just does not add up: a regular user almost never dies from overdose but from chronic illnesses related to the drug use.

Let's leave it with that, see yah around & till updates.


(30 Jan 2014) Ok, I cracked the 5-dimensional case for the higher dimensional complex numbers. So that is the only item: 

Item 1) Two exponential circles in five dimensions. 

 Item 1) Two exponential circles in five dimensions. 

This week I tried to puzzle out what the precious professional professors as a collective have made from higher dimensional stuff. They give it weird names like 'hyper complex numbers' and stuff like that. 

It is all rather disappointing, like I said before: 
This math is too important to leave it to the professional professors in the science of mathematics...  

That might sound a little bit strange, after all those folks get paid to hang out the smart asses. But as a matter of fact they are just another bunch of non-performers. 

Click on the picture for 10 fresh pages of five dimensional stuff:  


Till updates. 


(24 Jan 2014) Disturbing news of this week:    

Item 1) Disturbing news of this week. 

 Item 1) Disturbing news of this week.

CNN had a very weird file upon torture in Syria; it was claimed they had tens of thousands of photo's of tortured corpses. About four photo's per capita dead corpse. 

All in all about 11000 starved and tortured dead bodies... (And that from only one government photographer.)

It is bewildering why the Syrian government would document her own stuff in such strange detail, but as the story says all corpses go to military hospitals and are documented in such a way it looks like they died from other things.  

I do not know what to think of it because at a first glimpse it looks pretty convincing. 

Here is a CNN link: 

Gruesome Syria photo's may prove torture by Assad regime


Also highly disturbing is being called some Nazi anti-Semite by the Canadian pm. 

My dear Canadians, let it be clear I hold you in the highest esteem because for me, one way or the other, it were the Canadians that liberated the parts of the Dutch landscape where I live. Ok that was in 1945, but for me stuff like that counts. 

Yet after having said that, I would also say that the Harper guy is a piece of shit. 

Ok, it was from a speech Mr. Harper gave before the Knesset, so ok ok it might be expected the speech is a little bit pro-Israel. But I refuse to be painted as some old ghost from the Nazi era that has suddenly piled up an unexplainable hatred against Jews. 

Here is a youtubber of the Knesset speech, look for example at 11.26 min and 13.50 min: 

Stephen Harper vows loyalty to Israel in speech to Knesset

Let's leave it with that. Till updates. 


(18 Jan 2014) Ok , like I wrote yesterday a long math update.
(It is double size compared to the maximum size of a standard update).  

Click on the picture: 


The math update contains a lot of stuff, it is pretty normal that it is almost impossible to grasp each detail of the entire update. Have fun reading it and hopefully you learn a bit from it... 

Till updates. 


(17 Jan 2014) Two items:  

Item 1) Announcement of a long math update (Cauchy integrals).
Item 2) Funny remarks by the Israeli SecDef on Mr. Kerry. 

 Item 1) Announcement of a long math update (Cauchy integrals).

So that was some long work for a hobby math guy: about 10 pages long! 

In a few days I will hang it into this website. 

In the meantime I again would like to express my bewilderment as why the scientific math community stays silent: 

For centuries these guys lamentate that if only they had complex numbers in three dimensions, they would be in paradise or so. 

And now you have the 3D stuff in all it's beautiful details and these people stay silent month in month out. Why is that?  


 Item 2) Funny remarks by the Israeli SecDef on Mr. Kerry. 

Suddenly there was a small diplomatic rift between the USA and Israel because the Israeli SecDef made all kinds of comments like Mr. Kerry needed a Nobel prize for peace and after that please leave us alone.

It was also funny to observe that the Israeli SecDef stated that he had learned absolutely nothing about Palestinians from Mr. Kerry (as such suggesting Kerry was some messianic imbecile). 

I have to admit: I had to laugh hard.
For me this was funny because it validates what I have been saying for about 8 years now: The Israelis they do not want peace.  


You must not view this update as some cheap update on a fault of some Israeli SecDef, on the contrary: I want you to think about the Holocaust and as such arrive at the conclusion that the Israelis are never ever capable of making peace. 

A lot of Israelis don't understand their own nation either; they think that as a nation they are seeking peace. Well there is nothing new under the sun, for example our nice financial crises was not foreseen by our beloved Central Bankers.
And Israelis that think their nation can make peace are naive, dumb and know nothing about human psychology. 


Let's leave it with that, till updates. 


05 Jan 2014)   

Item 1) Does Israel want peace?
Item 2) The three dimensional roots of unity; the complex version. 

Item 1) Does Israel want peace? 

At present dat the US Secretary of Foreign affairs is once more traveling the Mid-East region and we are told that 'there is progress'. 

Well that is nice, but why not ponder the question if Israel really wants peace or only does her usual blah blah blah and after that all Christians once more fall in the trap of their own religion. 

So suppose there is peace (just a hypothetical situation of course), what would that mean for Israel? 

In the first place, since settlement expansion simple means the stealing of more and more land that not belongs to the Israeli thieves, they would have to stop settlement expansion. 

Do you believe the Israelis will stop the expansions?
If you say 'yes' keep on dreaming your silly stupid and naive dreams. 

In the second place, it is just another detail, if there would be peace no longer the IFD could strike with huge force at the moment Israel likes it once more. 

Believe me; the Israelis cannot stand such a nightmare scenario: the IDF not allowed to strike for no reason at all? 
No, that all is not going to happen. 

The psychology involved is very simple to understand: it has a name and the name is holocaust. Of the present political leaders in the West, after my humble opinion none of our political leaders understand why the Israelis behave like they do.   

Why our political leaders are that stupid I do not know... 

Item 2) The three dimensional roots of unity; the complex version. 

I opened a second page in the complex numbers files, old and new page: 

Page 1
Page 2  

The update for today is about three dimensional roots of unity; they behave very different from the usual ones from the complex plane. Here is the stuff: 

05 Jan 2014, the song of omega reloaded   

Till updates my dear reader. 


(24 Dec 2013) Just the usual load of math, in this update two items:  

Item 1) The most general two dimensional case and
Item 2) In three dimensions, circular stuff, we write the inverse in terms of the

Here is the stuff. 

Till updates. 


(13 Dec 2013) Just a few days ago after decades of weird stuff it looked like finally some kind of normalcy was setting in with regard to the Iranian nuclear program.   

But once more the Jewish hysteria is winning...  

Item 1) Are the Iranian nuclear talks already falling apart because of the USA?

 Item 1) Are the Iranian nuclear talks already falling apart because of the USA?

Only yesterday we had stuff like this, quote: 

"We should not do anything counterproductive that might shatter Western unity on this issue," Johnson said at a hearing.


So at a first glimpse everything looked alright, were it not from the Jews running the Treasury department. Also from yesterday: 

Additional Treasury and State Designations Targeting Networks Linked to Iranian WMD Proliferation and Sanctions Evasion


The Jewish problem observed, quote: 

“The Joint Plan of Action reached in Geneva does not, and will not, interfere with our continued efforts to expose and disrupt those supporting Iran’s nuclear program or seeking to evade our sanctions.  These sanctions have isolated Iran from the international financial system, imposed enormous pressure on the Iranian economy, and motivated the Iranian leadership to make the first meaningful concessions on its nuclear program in over a decade,” said Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David S. Cohen.

Comment: Let me be very short towards that piece of Jewish shit David Cohen:
Give me some serious proof that indeed the Iranians are after a nuclear bomb. 

Likely you do not have such a proof, only your Jewish slime talk and insights, but if you have some proof the rest of the Western nations would be delighted to hear from it. 


Well once more we observe that humanity in general has no shortage on idiots and imbeciles, and in particular the USA is riddled with it. 

End of this update. 


08 Dec 2013) Oh oh this week Mandela passed away at the age of 95. Everybody misses him already and it made me wonder what the most worthless leader alive is. 

In mind come those pieces of shit from Iraq and Mozambique... 

What is the most worthless piece of shit?
Robert Mugabe from Mozambique or Maliki from Iraq??? 

(Who wants to bet with me that after Robert Mugabe dies civil war will break out in Zimbabwe?)


Ok in this update, as usual lately, more math.
I was a little bit unsatisfied with the way I talked about the Fourier transforms (the continuous and the discrete one), so this update we dive a little bit deeper in that branch of mathematics: 

Correction (continuous version) & addendum (discrete version).


And from the department of 'naughty naughty stuff' I found a simple and efficient solution to the ever expanding Israeli settlements: 

If we kill one Israeli Jew for every square meter of land they steal, after about 8 square kilometer the whole problem is finally solved... 

By the way my dear Israel, how is your Iranian stuff going??? 

Till updates. 


(28 Nov 2013) Only a small math update where we look at a few relations between linear control theory and our differential algebra' s. 

Don't forget to look at the two vids at the end of the update. 

Here it is: 

Relations with control theory

Till updates. 


 (20 Nov 2013) The American Federal Reserve gets a new chairman, to be more precise it is a chair woman named Janet Yellen. 

Years and years ago the Federal Reserve started the programs of so called 'Quantitative Easing' and on the evening of the first day they said they would do this I already understood they would never ever be able to stop with it. 

At present day the balance sheet of the FED is above 2 trillion and only idiot imbeciles do not understand that in fact the FED is bankrupt because try to throw 2 trillion of garbage on the free markets and see what happens... 

Therefore we will look at the QE programs as they were dynamical systems (but we leave out all math). 

Item 1) QE as a dynamical system. 

 Item 1) QE as a dynamical system.

First I want to look at 3 examples of simple dynamical systems that share a common trait: Once they have left the standard equilibrium they are never able to return to it. 

We will look at:
-- Being ultra rich, say a billionaire or more;
-- Being overdebted, say you need to borrow money for the interest payments only;
-- Obese people, say 300 lbs or more. 

EXAMPLE 1: Being ultra rich, say you have over one billion Euro and you are a risk avoiding person so you settle for just a few percent above inflation in profits every year. Suppose for simplicity you gain about 3% on average year in year out.
Well 3% of one billion amounts to 30 million a year and it is sheer impossible to consume 30 million a year.
The only way to consume 30 million or more a year is by behaving very strange, only weird stuff like demolishing a Ferrari car every days slams a serious dent in your 30 million a year income.
So unavoidable you will get richer year in year out...  

EXAMPLE 2: You are a skilled debt hugger and you pile up more debt year in year out. Inside financial theory a so called Ponzi financial unit is in it end stages when even all interest payments need to be borrowed.
For example in my own country the government has about 11 billion Euro of interest obligations each year, they cannot cough up 11 billion a year from raising taxes and the only way to pay for it is via refi, refi and more refi. 
If you need to borrow more and more to only pay the interest one thing is clear:
Your debt will grow year in year out... 

EXAMPLE 3: Obese people.
If you are a person of normal body weight and you catch a flu or so, you might loose 2 or 3 kilo but in just a few weeks you are back to your standard body weight.
If you gain a few kilo because your normal pattern of body movement is restricted for a few weeks, may be you are on a holiday, after you can return to your normal pattern of body movement in just a few weeks time you are back on your standard body weight.
Once your body gets obese your body changes in all kinds of ways that enforce the path to 300+ lbs. Obese people often report severe hunger and they need a tremendous amount of calories just to feel 'normal'.
Furthermore the body gets utterly lazy, for a 300+ lbs person it is very difficult to have enough body movement to compensate the calorie intake.
Obesity is a self enforcing process.
So unavoidable your will get heavier year in year out... 


So far for these 3 examples, when central banks start expanding their balance sheets they need to think twice before they spend one cent about the exit strategy and how to shrink the balance sheet later in time. 

One thing is clear: The US Federal Reserve under the leadership of Ben Bernanke have never ever done such things. Just like a 300+ lbs person cannot do a little bit of body exercise to get rid of the extra pounds, the 2+ trillion balance sheet cannot be emptied. 

You might wonder why the Federal Reserve is so stupid, but think back to the ridiculous credit expansion under Alan Greenspan in for example the years 2004 to 2007:
If you would ask Alan about the dangers in that credit expansion you only would get dumb bla bla bla that the credit expansion is only a reflection of strong underlying economical growth... 


Yeah yeah it will be funny to observe what will happen if the FED shrinks the monthly and daily intake of garbage debt... 


End of this update. Till updates.  


 (08 Nov 2013) No no Reinko, no reason to be upset. Do not bite the bait Reinko, if the Israelis keep on striking inside Syria they need to feel a fist so big they will think twice a second time.  

So I am not upset my dear Israel: Want some more holocaust in the next centuries? 

I am not upset, but if you vote with your own feet, please let's not forget every step done.  


But I can make bait myself! 

The Israelis will laugh about it's simplicity, so keep on laughing my dear Israelis...  



More in the primer files.       

Till updates.  


(01 Nov 2013) Two items:   

Item 1) News from the Syrian landscape.
Item 2) A long math update upon eigenvalues and eigenvectors. 

 Item 1) News from the Syrian landscape. 

The news emerged that an important deadline was taken: all chemical weapon delivery and production stuff is destroyed or dismantled or otherwise not functioning any longer. 

That is great news, you just cannot believe how negative and sarcastic I have grown during this fucking War on Terror over humanity. And this was just what I needed; at least a little bit of hope is restored...

Today I realized I never thanked anybody for their labor, so of course in the first place I would like to praise the actual OPCW workers that do the actual dismantling. 

I would also like that thank the Russians, without them this all would have failed.
My dear Russians, all these years I carefully concealed it, but I like the Russians much more than you think...  But I won't tell you why because if you figure out how my emotional system works you can easily fool me. (And I do not like that.)


Of course the Syrian regime needs a 'thank you' too. 
May be the Syrians should drink a bit more Vodka and the Russians a little bit less, and the Syrian problems are far from over of course.
But still I wish you folks luck.  

Even the USA folks get some praise, of course in the future when needed I will cripple your military capacities further. But of course one should not push the envelope too far too fast because if weirdo's like China jump in the military vacuum we might regret the loss of USA military power... 


Enough of the 'thank you' stuff, lets go to the next boring item: 


Item 2) A long math update upon eigenvalues and eigenvectors. 

Later this day I will finish the stuff, but we start with a simple to understand 'Poking fun at Algebra people'.  

For myself speaking, as far as I can see it, the Algebra people have come closest to the 3-dimensional complex numbers as compared to other branches of math. 

So since I invented the higher dimensional complex numbers, the flatlanders from the complex plane are allowed to say 'thank you' for the content as described in the next picture: 


In the primer files an update about eigenvalues and eigenvectors

Till updates. 


(29 Oct 2013) Ah, the phone rings. And I walk to the phone, I pick it up and it always takes a few seconds more because I have to stick in the cable for the mouthpiece so I can speak to the person that is calling me. 

So if your phone is tapped for many years, if you find out the details it will change your behavior...    

 Item 1) Poor Angela Merkel got the phone tapped...

 Item 1) Poor Angela Merkel got the phone tapped...

Oh oh, poor poor Angela Merkel got the phone tapped and it was not done by some evil teenage hacker. No it was done by the NSA for a period of about 10 years. 

USA prez no drama Bama did not know they tapped the phone of Angela.

Anyway, the NSA has stated they never informed the USA prez with such stuff because that was not good for his speeches and so. 

For myself speaking, it makes me wonder if Obama understands the deeper working of the wonderful USA government yes or no.
After all 10 years of phone taps of Angela is simply what it is:
10 years of phone taps done by USA government employees. 


Let's leave it with that. Till updates. 


(18 Oct 2013) It would be tempting to comment a little bit on the tit for tat burglaries in the diverse diplomatic houses in Russia and the Dutch landscape, but today I feel the need to act just like I was an adult....

Therefore only a long update in the primer files on 3-dimensional multiplication and this day it is not that much 'primer files'. 

There is a glimpse of how a more general theory might look like... 

Here is the stuff: 

This is a long update, we start and end with some graphs upon the determinant in three dimensions while in between a little bit of the general theory. 

Till updates. 


(10 Oct 2013)   

Item 1) Applied psychology Russian style.

  Item 1) Applied psychology Russian style.

The last days there is a diplomatic row between the Dutch and the Vodka drinkers from the Russian landscape. And a lot of people here are looking in bewilderment as why the Russians react so very fanatic on something that by all standards is just a minor thing. 

To understand that just look again at that picture from Syria, Damascus: 


The delivery systems for the sarin had those Russian alphabet lettering on it, so even the Russians vaguely feel what could have happened and they cannot deal with that. 

After all Russians do not view themselves as child killers on a massive scale, that gives a lot of denial but also a strong need for an emotional distraction. 

From the denial we have seen a lot of weird stuff, like Vladimir Puting explaining that the rebels did it in order to trigger an international military action against Syria. 
Remark that until the present day the Russians have given zero point zero proof for their outlandish version of events...

We also observed weird weird stuff where Putin was explaining that USA Sec of foreign affairs Mr. Kerry has said there was no al Qaida presence in Syria, Kerry has never said such stuff and Putin skillfully made a fool of himself. 


And the last few days we have this strange distraction: The wife of a Russian diplomat was so drunk that she damaged 3 or 4 cars while parking a car registered to the Russian embassy. 
Neighbors of that Russian diplomat warned police that the diplomat was dragging his children by their hair through his house.
The diplomat was also drunk...  

And so on and so on, the guy got arrested and a diplomatic row was born. 

All in all it is nothing: some drunk fuckmeat that cannot park her car properly... 

So why are the Russians acting so fanatic?
That is because they need the distraction because at the present time they cannot deal with their own role in the chemical massacre. 


Till updates. 


(06 Oct 2013) Only a math update upon so called exponential circles.
Since it is rather technical in nature I placed it only into the primer files on multi dimensional complex multiplication.

Here it is: 

Exponential circles

Till updates. 


(01 Oct 2013, temporary update on Syria). This temporary update replaces the previous 3 temporary updates on Syria.  

Ok, now we have a United Nations Security Council decision to destroy the chemical stockpiles in Syria without a military option in case the whole thing goes into the void. 

So why did I keep my mouth shut? 

That is because Mr. Assad was more or less a medical figure in his pre-presidential life. And if he still has some identification with the medical profession, it is not without logic that he really wants to get rid of all the chemical shit over there. 

It is a big gamble, but for the time being I think the present Syrian government is serious on this detail...  


Later today the first implementations of the destruction will start, I have to admit that even this old guy is emotional and I wish everybody the best of luck!   


And at times the Syrian equation can he very funny: 

Lately Vladimir Putin started lecturing the USA like you have to abide by the law, you may not like the law but all military action without lawful legislative backup by the United Nations is illegal in nature. 
Vladimir Putin said so in some articles in the USA media.

Well, just a few days later we had that United Nations report, here is the link once more: 

UN report on CW in Syria

And suddenly the UN report was extremely biased, one sided, it was this and it was that. 

For me this was very funny my dear Vladimir. 

But beside the fun, for the time being I also trust the Russians will do their stinking best... 



Let's not do difficult; the Israelis are not known for being trustworthy 'partners of peace'. On the contrary, they will do all and everything in order to keep the military imbalance in their favor... 

So if the Israelis are trying in the future to exploit the present developments, they will feel my fist so hard as I have never ever slammed it before on a nation. 

So do not say that I did not warn you my beloved Israelis. 


End of this temporary update. Till updates. 


(23 Sept 2013) 

Item 1) Without comment: more math. 

 Item 1) Without comment: more math. 

Without comment on, for example, Syrian developments.
Here it is: Without comment

Till updates. 


(08 Sept 2013) Only a math update, it is not that difficult as the last time.
It is more a bit of easy reading.

Ten properties of the exponential tau

Till updates. 


(27 Aug 2013, temporary update upon Syria)     

Item 1) I too agree with military action in Syria. 

 Item 1) I too agree with military action in Syria. 

Since all those death related to chemical stuff from last week, finally things are moving in the international scene.
With regard to the chemical atrocity, for simplicity let's look at 3 possible scenario's how this could have happened: 

I --- Chemical shelling done on the command of the highest in ranks of the Syrian regime. (Meaning the orders came directly from Assad and his pals.)

II --- A loose act done by the Syrian army on a far lower hierarchical level. 

III --- An accident; a bomb or some grenades did by accident hit a stockpile of chemical stuff. 

And as usual there are the more outlandish scenario's like:

IV --- The Mossad did it to further destabilize Syria. 

V --- The Syrian rebels did it so the Syrian regime would get the blame. 

For myself speaking, the accident scenario can not be ruled out. But whatever it was, something has to be done. 


Legal considerations. 

Since it is hard to get the UN Security Council on one line, there are some legal problems. Therefore as founder of the War Tribunal I give permission for military action outside the framework of the United Nations. 

The military action itself should last at most something like a week or 10 days long. And after that it should be halted again. 

On the number of targets inside Syria I do not have much insight; something like 50 to 60 different targets must make a significant difference. 

I wish the military planners good luck with preparing for the strikes... 


Without indulging into cheap propaganda, below you see a few reasons as why I ever founded the War Tribunal:  


Let's leave it with that, good luck to all that need it! 

Till updates. 


(31 July 2013) Just a little bit of math as an antidote to all that stuff that our 'precious professional math professors' produce with tax money. 

Item 1) More on the log for the number j. 

Item 1) More on the log for the number j.  

First the basics, here we go: 




Ok, the title of this item said something about a possible matrix representation for log j. Since that falls into the category 'slightly more technical math' it is placed in the primer files:

31 July 2013, a 6 by 6 matrix for log j  

That's it for this update.
See ya around. 

Till updates. 


(16 July 2013) Since it finally can be said 'Now it is summer' and we can forget a little bit about that boring long winter, why not cool down with a bit of laughable math?   

Yes, why not? 

After all, for me it is very funny to read all those attempts to craft 3-dimensional complex numbers and from all those attempts I have chosen that one that was the most charming... (Anyway, for me it was the most charming attempt). 

Two items: 

Item 1) Poking fun at other people.
Item 2) Poking fun at myself. 

  Item 1) Poking fun at other people. 

Yes, why not? 

Now some people think that you can use the next map as a multiplication: 


This is of course a disaster course for making multiplications, but on the other hand it is very charming.   


Item 2) Poking fun at myself. 

Without comment: 





Yeah yeah, Kilroy was here. 

Let's close this update with the next nice details: 


Till updates. 


(29 June 2013) Sorry for the international folks, but again a non-math update in the Dutch language. This update is about the production of natural gas in the part of the country where I live. There are some minor earthquakes observed, so what is the big fuss??    

Item 1) Ach tja, het is maar 3000 kubieke kilometer... 

 Item 1) Ach tja, het is maar 3000 kubieke kilometer... 


Over de aardbevingen alhier die veroorzaakt worden door de aardgaswinning doen allerlei vreemde verhalen de ronde, daarom een paar zeer eenvoudige berekeningen die de NAM of de Gasunie nooit zullen gebruiken in hun advertenties. 

Totale gasproductie zal ongeveer 3000 miljard kubieke meter zijn, dan is het op.
Nou 3000 miljard kubieke meter is exact 3000 kubieke kilometer, maar dat is het volume van het gas aan de oppervlakte. 

Hoeveel ruimte neemt die 3000 kubieke kilometer in op bijv vijf kilometer diepte? 

Voor het gemak gaan we uit van een dichtheid van 2500 kilo per kuub grond, op 1 vierkante centimeter geeft gewone grond dan zo'n 250 gram druk per meter diepte.
Dat is 250 kg per kilometer diepte, dus 5 km diep zou een druk geven van ongeveer 1250 kilo per vierkante centimeter. 

Aan de oppervlakte is de druk ongeveer 1 kg per vierkante centimeter, dus 5 km diep is de druk ongeveer 1250 keer zo groot. 

Simpelweg kun je stellen dat die 3000 kubieke kilometer aan de oppervlakte samengedrukt is tot ongeveer 3000/1250 = 2,5 kubieke kilometer. 

Het Groninger aardgasveld is ongeveer 900 vierkante kilometer groot (van bovenaf gezien natuurlijk) en dus zal de bodemdaling op termijn tussen de 2 en de 3 meter liggen. 


Als de gemiddelde gasdiepte minder dan 5 km is dan zal de bodemdaling nog groter uitvallen... (Ik heb geen idee wat de gemiddelde gasdiepte eigenlijk is voor het Groninger aardgasveld.) 


Vreemde verhalen: Laatst was het ineens in het nieuws dat de NAM uitgaat van het gegeven dat zodra je stopt met de aardgaswinning dat dan de bodemdaling ook stopt. 

Dat is natuurlijk onzin, zoiets is alleen maar waar aan het begin van de exploitatie zolang je nog lineaire modellen kunt gebruiken voor de bodemdaling.
Zodra de aardbevingen inzetten is er sprake van 'uitgestelde bodemdaling' die dan ineens vrijkomt. 

Maar er zijn ook rasechte idioten, vandaag kreeg ik een periodiek in de brievenbus genaamd Broerstraat 5 (dat is van de Groninger universiteit) en daarin beweerd ene Rien Herber het volgende, quote: 

Laten we eerst de onderzoeken afwachten voordat we zomaar aan de gaskraan gaan draaien. Het zou namelijk kunnen dat het plots terugbrengen van de gasproductie juist tot meer bevingen leidt, omdat je extra drukverschillen in de ondergrond creëert. 

Commentaar van Reinko: Zelden zie je het zo volslagen bizar, zelfs na een paar uurtjes nadenken heb ik echt geen enkel idee hoe de ondergrond eruit zou moeten zien zo dat stoppen met gas aftappen juist extra drukverschillen geeft... 

Dat is totale nonsense, maar ja die Rien Herber heeft gewerkt als adjunct-directeur bij de NAM en als hoofd exploratie van Europa bij Shell en zoals zo vaak:
De gebruikte logica is een afgeleide van de onderliggende emotie.
En het is vrij duidelijk waar ze bij de NAM/Shell etc bang voor zijn; onredelijke inperking van de gasproductie. 


Nou ja, zelf ben ik ook tegen onredelijke inperking van de gasproductie.
Maar ik ben ook tegen slap gelul van bestuurders en 3000 kubieke kilometer gas is gewoon 3000 kubieke kilometer gas en de bodemdaling zal gemeten worden in meters en niet in slap gelul. 


Waarvan acte, tot opdatums. 

Till updates. 


(22 June 2013) Update in Dutch related to some strange remarks made by our minister of internal affairs dhr. Ronald Plasterk.  

Item 1) De vreemde fantasiewereld van Ronald Plasterk. 

 Item 1) De vreemde fantasiewereld van Ronald Plasterk. 

Met stijgende verbazing hoor ik de geluiden van onze minister van BiZa die denkt dat ze het bij de AIVD en MIVD allemaal volgens het boekje doen.

Dat is enorm naief en wij moeten ons serieus vragen stellen omtrent de cognitieve capaciteiten van Ronald Plasterk. Nou de opmerkingen van Ronald staan nog steeds op teletekst dus ik quote zijn onmeetbare wijsheid maar eens:

Nederlandse inlichtingendiensten gebruiken het afluisterprogramma Prism niet om informatie over personen te verkrijgen. De Algemene Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdienst (AIVD) en de Militaire Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdienst (MIVD) vragen ook de Amerikaanse inlichtingendiensten niet om het aftapprogramma te gebruiken voor informatie.

Bron (NRC Handelsblad): geen-gebruik-van-prism/ 

Commentaar: Dit is waanzinnig naïef, dit soort van diensten gaat altijd tot het randje van de technische mogelijkheden en pas later, als er bijv een rechtszaak van gebakken moet worden, dan presenteerd men de informatie alsof al die tijd netjes volgens de regels gewerkt is.

Neem bijv een soortgelijke dienst: de Groninger gemeente politie.
Die zou toch ook volgens het boekje moeten werken? Of niet Ronald?

Jaren en jaren heeft dat ongedierte de geluiden uit mijn huiskamer afgeluisterd, maar denkt Ronald nu echt dat één of andere minister daar zijn handtekening voor gezet heeft? Dat kan ik mij maar moeilijk voorstellen, dat ongedierte van de politie doet gewoon dat wat ze technisch kunnen en hoe dat allemaal met de regeltjes zit dat zien ze later wel.

En dan al dat stalken van de politie sinds oktober 2001 dan?
Lijkt me stug dat zoiets legaal is; je kunt iemand toch niet zomaar meer dan 10 jaar gaan zitten stalken?
Nee Ronald: Je moet er altijd van uitgaan dat politie/justitie maar ook AIVD enzo in principe vieze vuile ratten en andere vormen van ongedierte zijn, pas als dat je basis van logica is dan snap je hoe ze werken...

Veel succes ermee Ronald.  


Laten we het daarbij houden, tot opdatums. 

Till updates. 


(13 June 2013) It would be tempting to comment on the ways the NSA snoops all email and internet traffic from millions and millions of people but that reminds me of all those years the local police have listened to the sounds in my own living room. 

Those memories bring back a bad bad mood, if it is up to me you can kill a few of those police scumbags... 


Therefore only a fresh load of mathematics: 

Item 1) Tau for the original Euler identity. 
Item 2) Making chopped meat of the 1, 2, 4, 8 theorem. 

 Item 1) Tau for the original Euler identity. 


 Item 2) Making chopped meat of the 1, 2, 4, 8 theorem. 

Inside math there is a rather 'famous' theorem that says that beside the real number system we only have the complex plane, the 4-dimensional quaternions and the 8-dimensional octonions. 

After my humble opinion, if Hurwitz knew how future generations would use his theorem as some kind of golden calf, he likely never would have published it. 

So that is more or less the main dish for today: 

Item 2) Making chopped meat of the 1, 2, 4, 8 theorem.  

The title of this item sounds a bit negative, but anyway...
Because this update is a little bit more technical in nature it is placed the the primer files on the 3-dimensional complex multiplication: 

Making chopped meat of the 1, 2, 4, 8 theorem.  


In the long math update from 30 May 2013 we came across a difficult looking integral. That nasty integral can easily be solved if you use some modified massive madness. 

So you are looking at history in the making because never ever before integrals were solved using massive madness modification...;) 

Here is the stuff: 

Solving integrals using massive madness modification. 


Till updates. 


(30 May 2013) Two items for today:  

Item 1) An Euler identity for the 3D complex numbers. 
Item 2) Austerity replacement for the new JSF warplanes. 

 Item 1) An Euler identity for the 3D complex numbers. 

Ha ha, last week I was complaining about 'professional professors' in the science of mathematics that completely ignore my work on the 3-dimensional complex numbers. 

Why they keep silent is unknown to me, may be they are waiting until I would make a formal publication in a respected scientific journal. But I will never ever publish into one of those expensive journals: 
Why would I pay for a publication into a journal I cannot afford myself? 

No way, that is not going to happen... 


But it is weird and strange the professors keep so silent, it is so weird and so strange that instead of naming them 'professional professors' it will be:

Precious professional professors. 

And in my fantasy world they look all like this: 


Now what does this ring represent my dear reader? Choose from: 

A) The Euler identity.
B) All that tax money we waste on precious professional professors.
C) The closed world of precious professional professors.
D) The ring is not real, but imaginary, because it is from a movie. 


But serious: This week I finally made some calculations that should have been made much earlier. Anyway, here is the 3-dimensional version of the Euler identity: 

The log for j squared

(It is a long update so take your time.) 

Item 2) Austerity replacement for the new JSF warplanes.  

The USA folks are making a brand new fighter jet, it's name is the Joint Strike Fighter. And just like all other Pentagon programs the final development costs are double or triple compared to the original planning. 

Now that would not be a problem if not a whole lot of other NATO members have participated into the JSF program. And given all that austerity stuff from the last years nobody is waiting for double or triple costs... 

Since this all was easily to foresee, years and years ago I designed a warplane that was cheap and could be manufactured very fast. 

Since today I am in a good mood, I would like to give away for free 20 of those new fighter jets for all NATO members. If the Taliban also want a bunch of these new fighter jets, it is fine by me! 

All you have to do is print the next picture 20 times on a standard printer and ready is your air force for the heftiest of combat! 


That's it for this update; till updates. 


(21 May 2013) Last week I bundled all 3-dimensional complex number stuff together into one html file.  

It is obvious that thousands and thousands of 'professional mathematical people' must at least once in their lifetime tried to find a 3D analog of the ordinary complex plane. 

They have all failed, century in century out they have not found it (anyway I am not aware of anybody else finding it). 

So you might have expected a little bit more enthusiasm, but it stays remarkable silent; very likely it is exactly the same as 20 years ago when I was a student:   

Those 'professional professors' do not understand the math of the 3D complex numbers... 


Anyway, lets not waste time on a bunch of losers, here is the html file: 

A primer on the three dimensional complex numbers.  

The latest entry is about differential 2-forms: 21 May 2013.


Till updates! 


(12 May 2013) Sorry for not updating for so long but there are times when it is better to keep my big mouth shut.   


Item 1) Only boring math: The existence of impossibility. 

 Item 1) Only boring math: The existence of impossibility. 

Does the number zero exist? After all it represents nothing so can it exist? 

And what about that number i where the complex plane is build upon? 


That's it, till updates. 


(09 April 2013, finished & updated on 10 April.) Ok this is a bit weird update because I never talk about prime numbers and so... So I too wonder why the hell after so many years I write that prime numbers stuff once more...      

Item 1) More math: The modulo vector of a natural number. 

 Item 1) More math: The modulo vector of a natural number. 

Is the present technology of a public key in encryption standards really that safe? Ok ok those keys are easily 600 digits long in our decimal notation of natural numbers, but is it really that safe? 

Never heard of those public key encryption stuff? A rather technical starter is for example in the next wiki:  

I dusted off some old math from about 15 years back, in the past I named that math detail the 'modulo rows' but a better wording would be 'modulo vectors'.  




It is obvious that cracking for example a 600 digit number composed of two large prime numbers cannot be done in this way. We need at least a fast test that says when one of our mod values is a zero in that particular modulo class and most of all:

We need a way to converge towards the prime divisors of our giant 600 digit number.

And those modulo vectors, although fancy math, do not solve those problems... 


Lets leave it with that my dear reader. 

Till updates. 


(04 April 2013) A short message from the War Tribunal: What about North Korea?   

Item1) What about North Korea? 

 Item1) What about North Korea?

My dear North Koreans, a few years back when we had the case of that SK marine boat that was split in half, I did not hesitate and jumped to your defense. And I jumped to the defense of the Nation of North Korea because I was not convinced that you attacked that South Korean marine vessel.


This time it could be different: It looks like the new NK boy is really steering towards a real war and not some expanded military exercises. 


Whatever the wise leadership of North Korea wishes, there is a nuclear component involved, so that arouses the attention of the War Tribunal. 

The nuclear verdict is simple: 

Allied forces are allowed to strike back with tactical nuclear arms, but that goes only when North Korea successfully launches a nuclear warhead first.   

A reasonable boundary condition for the allied forces would be to keep direct civilian death toll below half a million citizens.  

End of the verdict. 



Till updates. 


(16 March 2013) Ha yes indeed the first one decade anniversary of the start of the Iraqi was is impending...    

Oh oh it brings back so much memories... 


But this is the second decade of the WarOnTerror, so I am wasting my time with annoying bugs like the USA based National Rifle Association. 


Item 1) Tips and tricks for the NRA. 

 Item 1) Tips and tricks for the NRA.

Hey NRA folks how is your project of armed guards for every school going?
I hope your fantastic plan is going perfectly... 

It is a very funny plan: but where do you get those thousands and thousands of  'mentally stable' guards from? Would that really make the school scene safer?

And, just as an example, would the son of your prez David Keene qualify as a 'mentally stable person'? (After all David his son got 10 years prison for a road rage case, so it is clear David cannot raise a son to be mentally stable. How come that David?)

Tip 1: Follow your own logic and go on with the school guard plan... 


And for David Keene, the NRA prez: A bit more coherence over the diverse interviews is strongly advised. Now you only expose yourself as some 'bla bla bla' kind of guy; good in talking but bad in understanding the foundation of your own work. 

For example: In an interview with a nigger journalist from Denver I observe you stating that 'most murders are done via hammers and so'. Therefore more or less suggesting that gun control is the same as hammer control. 

I have to admit: You are good in selling your stuff. 

But in another interview you talked a bit of receiving death threats via the mail and you poked fun at those people. You said words like: 'They cannot kill me because they do not have guns'. 

Oh oh David, at that point in time you lost all coherence: a dedicated killer does not need a gun, see for example the 9 Sept attacks from 2001 and the importance of just some box cutter knifes. 

Tip 2: Do not annoy dedicated killers David, a fast knife beats the gun when it comes to silence and dedication...  


And than that stupid web shop of the NRA: Very weird items like a clock that is far too expensive but you can hide a gun in it...

Therefore my suggestion and help for the NRA is:  

Go sell inflatable butt plugs in the shape of popular gun models. 

Technical detail: Most inflatable butt plugs come with a rubber tube and an egg shaped rubber handpump. Of course the NRA should modify this as butt plugs with a 'pistol grip pump'. 

And that would be the last tip: 

Tip 3: More coherence over the NRA as a whole, if faggots rule the place they should also sell the items that gun toting faggots like. 


Lets leave it with that my dear reader. Till updates. 


 (08 March 2013) On the stock markets we observe new all time high's day in day out!

The previous time the DOW Jones index was so high, I activated the second so called 'NightmareOnWallStreet'. So what will I do this time around?

Activate a third round of stock market panic? 
Or shall I let our free markets alone and let market forces do their efficient job? 

Oh oh, what will happen?  

 Item 1) DOW DOW down?

 Item 1) DOW DOW down?

No you must not worry, I will not activate another round of the purest of raw stock market panic. 

I will only, and this is a very seldom thing, quote some words from myself. 

If memory serves it was about 3 weeks after the previous DOW Jones all time high that I felt the deep wish of guiding the DOW from 14000 to 7000 index points.

Of course, back in the year 2007, you must have thought: That idiot will never ever succeed in chopping the DOW in half.  


But I did, I succeeded in chopping the DOW in half... 

The opening words were, quote: 

Yes my dear and beloved readers and you my slimy DOW/Nasdaq/S&P500 folks; it is time for a new decline towards the 7000 level on the DOW...

Do you think I am bluffing? No no, it is not a habit of me to bluff.

Comment: No comment. 

Source: Today 12 Nov 2007 the so called 


Again it has to be remarked that it is a bit strange to quote yourself: but on the other hand it was fucking hard work to chop that DOW in half... 

Let's leave it with that. 


(22 Feb 2013) Just a bit of weird math and it's antidote:    

The weird math is around some hypothetical form of 'kinetic energy', I don't think it is that important because why should the real world behave like some fancy looking math? 

The antidote is much more serious: one-forms. So finally we enter the realm of integration instead of only differentiation?   

So only math & only one item: 

Item 1) Weird math + an antidote. 

 Item 1) Weird math + an antidote. 

A tiny bit of weird math: 


Oh oh, what will happen?

Now that is all is easy to understand: after a full year of only talking about differentiation it might be time to sing the inverse song named 'integration'. 

Therefore we take a look at so called 'one-forms' that can easily be integrated: 



(20 Feb 2013, temporary math update.)   

This is unfinished work because as an antidote against so much crazy math as shown below we need a severe antidote... 

So without any kind of antidote, here is the weird math: 


Oh oh, what will happen? 

Till updates and so. 



(13 Feb 2013) Two items, the first in Dutch and the second in English:  

Item 1) Zijn ze nu helemaal gek geworden bij het CDA?
Item 2) What is a good & sloppy enough definition of IQ? 

 Item 1) Zijn ze nu helemaal gek geworden bij het CDA?

Is dan eindelijk de VVD, na zovele jaren, tot het inzicht gekomen dat onze huizenmarkt al vele jaren van de knotsgekke is met al die bizarre hypotheek vormen, gaan die debielen van het CDA middels de Eerste Kamer de boel weer bederven. 

Eindelijk zijn we dan zover en inplaats van top hypotheken spaar variant (met natuurlijk de nodige bank garanties in commercials: bij ons is uw spaarrente precies de hypotheek rente want wij bij ING houden van duidelijkheid) is men eindelijk tot het inzicht gekomen dat als je niets aflost je altijd een 'schulden problematiek' zal houden. 

Geachte mafketels van het CDA: 

Wat heeft tientallen jaren van het bruto aflossen van je hypotheekschuld ons gebracht?

Met 'bruto aflossen' bedoel ik natuurlijk dat je de uitgaven voor hypotheek van je bruto inkomen mag aftrekken... Dit in tegenstelling tot 'netto aflossen' oftewel 'after taxes money'. 

Oorspronkelijk was het idee om de participatiegraad van het eigen woningbezit te verhogen, en in de eerste jaren zal dat inderdaad het geval zijn geweest. 

Maar dat geestesgestoorde idee van 'bruto aflossen' werkt alleen als het een tijdelijke maatregel zou zijn. Bijv 5 of 7 jaar en dan daarna gewoon aflossen met 'after tax money'. 

Mijn beste CDA mafketels, er is niet veel wijsheid in geavanceerdes modellen van meer en meer schuld te vinden. Helemaal als je ziet dat totale schuldnivo's harder groeien dan de onderliggende capaciteit om het spul af te lossen. 


Daarom zult gij niet begeren uw's naastens huis noch via debiele truukjes proberen een nog duurder huis te kopen. 


Waarvan acte, het is trouwens ook helemaal geen slecht idee om vanaf nu elk jaar ongeveer 7% van het salaris van Eerste Kamerleden af te halen. 

Nu die bankemployees nog... 


Item 2) What is a good & sloppy enough definition of IQ? 

In children IQ measurements are easy to understand: IQ means intelligence quotient and the 'quotient' is related to the age.

For example if a five year old has IQ of 120 that only means the kid reasons and thinks like the average of a six year old kid. 


For adult people this does not work very handy: I am now almost 50 years of age and if I score 80 points on some dumb IQ test, does that make me think like I am 40 years old? 


For adults a better way of measurement of IQ would be a simple approach like: 

1) On the dumb level there are atoms or chunks. 
2) There are relations between the diverse atoms or chunks.  

And on the highest level of IQ we do talk: 

3) We talk about relationships between sets of atoms. 


So basically the elementary things (atoms), the relations between them and some language to describe the relations between sets of atoms.
A healthy person can move around between those levels; if you learn something new from the atoms you already understand how the language will be and from a new language you already have some insights into the building block atoms.  

Some people are very good at talking because they speak so nice and it all looks logic what they say, but if you think a bit longer about what they say you see they do not understand the basics like the atoms and so. 

For example that faggot David Keene (the NRA prez) looks very smart if you listen to him for the first time, only later you realize he must be a fucking faggotic retard if you understand his bizarre use of statistics... 


But beside dumb talk between atoms for themselves, where is that dumb thing known as 'publish website'?  

Ah, there it is... 

Till updates. 


(04 Feb 2013, temporary update. Updated on 08 Feb.) Les deux items: 

Item 1) Is the NRA under faggot control?
Item 2) Weird math, but is it also real physics? I doubt it... 

 Item 1) Is the NRA under faggot control? 

A few weeks back we came across the NRA in relation with the Newtown killing of a bunch of toddlers on some elementary school. (See the updates from 16 and 21 Dec below.) 

Some NRA guy named Wayne LaPierre gave some testimony and I was annoyed and irritated by the high level of fear mongering he did spread around. 

Stupid fear spreading like 'If you call the police because you hear an intruder, wouldn't you like to be the officer there in 5 minutes instead of 15?'. 

Or even more crazy like 'Gun free zone's only attract murderers and killers'.   


I was truly annoyed by the 'faggot tone' in it all, but I laid it to rest because after all, on the scale of things, the NRA is at best a very small detail. 

Most people if they hear strange noises at night they go out of bed and ask what the problem is. Sometimes you also need to raise your voice a lot and/or use an axe, a stick or in extreme cases even a gun. 

In my world only faggots care so much about fast police response to their emotional needs. People living in the majority of sexual enterprise are in general a little bit less panicked...  


But hey, just like Lance Armstrong is the best and finest example of USA hetero sportsmanship, the NRA is the finest of gay stuff. 

Or am I wrong, and these two guys are not a homosexual couple? 


Update from 08 Feb 2013: Again on the scale of things the NRA is not that important, but NRA President David Keene has fought in the past for gay rights. See this wiki:  

Quote from the wiki: While Keene was Chairman of the American Conservative Union he fought to allow the right-leaning gay rights organization GOProud to participate in the Conservative Political Action Conference. 


From the logic a person speaks you can derive, at least partially, how his or her emotional systems works. 

Now lets go back to the completely idiot proposal of putting armed guards in front of every school... 
Let me ask you a simple question: Would a hetero guy come up with such a weird idea? 

Also a bit strange is the detail that on the official NRA website there is no simple list of Board Members, that is weird. (Oops: One always has to do the fact checking for yourself, but they have a list of board members:


For myself speaking: I think the NRA is run by a club of faggots.
And if you think otherwise, it is fine by me... 


Item 2) Weird math, but is it also real physics? I doubt it... 

Bah, it is too late to craft it in pictures. 

It is bedtime and after two full decades I still don't understand what it means that the spatial derivate of the kinetic energy equals the force field. 

May be another day... 

Till updates. 


(02 Feb 2013) A few years back when the credit crisis just has broken out I pondered the question if Nobel prize laureate Paul Krugman would be the next Alan Greenspan. 

Since at that old point in time it suddenly became clear that USA Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan did not understand his own economy (to put it mildly: Alan is just another inbred retard as so many over there in the USA), so how would Paul Krugman fare over the years? 

After all, still at this point in time there are boatloads of folks that thing Paul is actually a smart guy and not one of those inbred retards. 

Therefore we have another Paul Krugman watch: 

Item 1) Paul Krugman watch: Paul on USA Federal debt levels. 

 Item 1) Paul Krugman watch: Paul on USA Federal debt levels. 

Let's use some easy round numbers: USA Federal outlays are about 2.5 trillion US$ a year and deficit's run routinely at about 1 trillion a year. 

To put it simple: For every $ the US government spends, 40 cents is borrowed. 

And because such huge chunks of government spending is borrowed, tax revenues are also artificially high: the present tax base of 1.5 trillion would need to expand by two thirds to 2.5 trillion in order to keep the spending level constant. 


So what makes Paul out of these horrific numbers?  

According to Paul Krugman, Timothy Geigner & more of those weirdo's they only need to cut spending by 1% of GDP or 150 billion a year... 

And that, believe it or not, would stabilize the Federal debt as part of the GDP. 

Let's quote a bit from the PK fun: 

That’s basically consistent with the CBPP analysis: 3/4 of a percent over the next decade is around $1.5 trillion. It’s important to note that this same analysis suggests that it’s not a disaster if we don’t take any more deficit-reduction steps: instead of stabilizing the debt at around 73 percent of GDP, it rises to around 80 percent, which isn’t great but isn’t cause for panic. 

Comment: For some strange reason I just cannot believe that with only 150 billion a year in savings, the debt will stabilize over a full decade.
I will not even try to explain why this is nonsense...   

Source (the Paul Krugman blog at the NYT): 

Tim Geithner Is Wrong 


At the end of this item I would like to remark that from the emotional point I actually like Paul Krugman a lot, as a matter of fact I often agree with him on details. 
But all in all he always far to rosy when it comes to more debt and too afraid for a good old round chopping of dumb spending.

So may be he is not an inbred retard after all... ;) 


End of this update.  


(08 Jan 2013) Let's shove a bit of math around. 

Item 1) Let's shove math around in all measurable dimensions. 

Item 1) Let's shove math around in all measurable dimensions. 

Yes, why not shove it all? 

New CIA chief? I cannot care less.

New Pentagon chief? Sorry folks, but I have other things to do. 



And that is the end of this update. 


-Food for thought:

Chained dollars! What the vuk are chained dollars?

Chained dollars are from a time chain and so you have to filter out inflation so you have a better estimate of price and quality and so. 

Therefore chained dollars are easy to understand. Hard to understand is what exactly a Gross Domestic Product, or a GDP is.

One way or the other; all nations will have their own flavor of GDP. 

Lately I just got so confused my dear reader. The Americans were able to spike up GDP growth by almost 0.5% because some stuff was now 'investment related' instead of the old thing.

Now that is very interesting because a dollar is a dollar, let it be a consumer good like bread or coffee or green tea or whatever what. Or a business invested dollar, GDP statistics should be like the temperature of the air outside the building and not inside the building. 



Everything on the 3D complex numbers from 2012 and this year is bundled together in one html file.  

A primer on the three dimensional complex numbers.

For 2014 there is page number two: Page 2


Some old math I wrote about 13 years ago, it is very simple to understand: you can differentiate and integrate all geometrical objects. And when you triangulate a landscape or a movie scene properly you can later in a computer change the position of the camera. Of course you need a new file format because the goody good mpg format won't work.
This might be of future interest for police or stuff like that (you can change the camera viewpoint to that of the victims or that of the criminals. Of course this is not a miracle; missing information can only be repaired at a certain level but anyway... The math is there and it is waiting to be used!
(Ok you also need geometrical integration but that's a cakewalk, some geometric projection theory, lots of self repairing codes and very very difficult: a good camera device. But if these conditions are met you can later change the camera viewpoint...)


(17 Oct 2008) This morning I finished a very simple and non technical article about statistical testing of poisons in food. It is so horrible non technical that even political leaders can understand it's content; only seldom I have sunken so low...

Here is the pdf file.


A pdf file explaining why we likely never ever will have nuclear fusion as a reliable source of unlimited energy...  



Sayings from famous and unknown people that shed light on their insights and their emotional daily running system:

Phrase nr one (from Dubya or the present lame duck president of the USA):

"The reason we start a war is to fight a war, win a war, thereby causing no more war!"
--The first Presidential debate

Phrase nr two, also from Dubya but I have to pump it up from my memory so there might be some little faults in it (it was some weeks after the 911 attacks on the USA):

The enemy is so evil that most people in the USA do not know what they do why they do!

Phrase nr three from the former USA secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld (if my memory is correct he spoke these words in the week from 16 to 21 October 2001, at that point in time we were on the height of the anthrax scares): 

And it makes you wonder; How does he do it? And we would like to ask this person to come on over to our side and together fight the war on terror.

Phrase nr four is from me myself & I:

To understand your own 'logical thinking' you must know that logical thinking is only the first derivate of emotion. That is why all attempts towards artificial intelligence have failed: computers do not have emotion build in but we humans, like all other animals,  do.
The above mentioned three phrases of my enemies only expose their emotional system, lets destroy that system...

Phrase nr five is from US celebrity Donald Trump. A few weeks before this the famous Lancet report was published calculating Iraqi civil death toll at 650 thousand (this with a relatively large but acceptable standard deviation):

For myself I use 400 thousand killed.

Phrase nr six is from CNN's Larry King (CNN is received in 200 countries so therefore the CNN management thinks it's wise that Larry King can parade every day one or more American celebrities). When King was asked why he did not use the internet he responded:

There are a billion things on the internet.

Phrase nr seven is one more from the former US secretary of defense. After a few years in the war on terror he was asked what it all boiled down to. He said:

Can we kill the terrorists in a faster rate than the massandra's spit them out?

Phrase nr eight is from Osama bin Laden. The phrase is very worthwhile mentioning because the US CIA folks were in the past very satisfied with 'Just a few weapon deliveries and we lured the Russians into Afghanistan'.

When America needed us to fight their proxy war against Russia they supported us. The moment the Russians left Afghanistan we were irrelevant. 

Phrase nr nine is from US four star general Peter Pace, he made it during a memorial speech on 11 Sept 2006 (exactly five years after the 9/11 attacks from 2001).
At that point in time total US military death toll already stood above the number of civilians killed on 9/11/2001.

Right now the total amount of killed US military members is approaching the civil death toll from nine September 2001.

Phrase nr 10 is again from me myself & I. It is around the rebuilding of the organization after the military campaign in Afghanistan.

Make sure to imitate the way the German army was organized after world war one; That is make sure that every member can function properly until up three hierarchical layers higher. If you do that you can grow with an enormous speed in the future when this is needed.

Phrase nr eleven is also from me myself & I. It is to proof that I can be stupid too. I do not know when I wrote it but it was a long time ago.
I asked the Iraqis the next:

Can you hold on one more year? After that things will get better, I promise.

You just don't imagine how much I have regretted those words, after that the US military came with bonuses of up to 70 thousand dollars for enlisting / reenlisting and how could I have been so stupid as to not have foreseen this?
I mean the Americans run their country on the greenback & why was I outside reality? Why?

Phrase number twelve is from a peace loving female neighbor of mine, her name is Geertruida.

We people we can speak, so we should not fight war but speak with each other until our differences are solved.

Of course I had to remark: Because we have speech we are much better in making war compared to other animal species. 

Phrase nr thirteen is from the present al Qaida leader in Iraq. I mention it because I think it was a very important detail, it was made in his first statement after he took over from Zarqawi.

We need help from scientists, let it be in the field of communications, chemistry, medics, biologicals or whatever what. You can live your dream and kill the Americans on a large scale inside their bases. You can fulfill your scientific dreams.

Phrase nr fourteen is from CNN's war whore Christiana Armanpour. Why do I call a whore where in fact she is a respected senior correspondent?
That is because she understands the difference between a 'commodity driven war' and one that is not driven by that.
In the entire Iraqi war no CNN reporter has emphasized that Iraq is very much 'commodity driven' (read stealing the oil) but when Tony Blair resigns she says:

He wanted military assistance in Bosnia although there are no commodities over there.

(Or words of similar phrasing, I do not recall her exact words but they boiled down to the above.)   


Not all my hobbies evolve around war, death and destruction, or financial markets. No, I also like to cook food and stuff. There will not be many recipes but here is the index to some food I made, it is just a small fraction of what I cook. A very small fraction but the goal is to come to a feast meal for the Iraqis and Afghanis. So it likely will take a few more years...

















Title: A 2010 condolences card to the US dollar.